Oakridge Vancouver

Oakridge Vancouver


Phase 1 – First Release
Building 3 & 4
Estimated Completion: Phase 1: 2021/2022
Entire Project completes in 2027/2028


At the heart of Vancouver, Oakridge Centre has been a central community hub and one of the most successful shopping centres in North America for many years.

The new Oakridge Centre is a massive mixed residential and commercial masterplan.

Westbank partnered up with QuadReal, and together with Henriquez Partners Architects, Tokyo-based interior design firm Wonderwall, and other design partners for this unprecedented project that will set a new standard for future high-density retail mixed-use redevelopments globally.

Phase 1

Phase 1 – First Release
Building 3 & 4 (32 & 42 Storeys)
504 Units Total (212 1-Bedroom, 260 2-Bedroom, 32 3-Bedroom)
Estimated Completion for Phase 1: 2021/2022
Entire Project completes in 2027/2028

Oakridge - The Kitchen


• Located on W 41st Ave & Cambie St, prime Vancouver west side location, designated to become the 2nd Official City Center of Vancouver.
• Project footprint totals 27 acres, 10 towers, 2914 residential units and over 4.5 million sqft of retail, residential, workspace, parks & public space
• 10 years in the making, 9 years to complete entirely, over $1.5 Billion dollar project featuring the best designers, architects and construction partners in the world.
• Most technologically advanced, environmentally friendly, self-sustaining & sophisticated development project in North America
• Direct integration with W 41st Skytrain station on the Canada Line
• Each building will feature its own unique interiors by different interior designers.
• Special patented modular Capsule patios that are heated, windproof, lit-up, scented, and convertible, a true outdoor sanctuary usable all year round.
• Incredible views of North shore mountains, Queen Elizabeth Park, UBC Waters & Mount Baker.